Violence in the Media (Gormley)

January 18, 2007 at 12:11 am (Uncategorized)

Being a Psychology major I have heard of the Bobo experiment in numerous classes. Children witness violence being committed and then partake in the same sort of behaviour. It seems that research has provided many experiments that conclude that being exposed to violence causes people to participate in violent acts themselves. I am really not so sure that this is the case. Being a person who watches countless movies and TV shows that depicts this type of behaviour I can honestly state that I have never shown any violent tendencies. It is hard to believe that people commit murders and other violent crimes simply because they saw it on TV. I really enjoyed how in the article when they analyze Mr. X stating that he is the one who was in fact exhibiting anti-social and aggressive behaviour. I do understand that in the past couple of years the media has taken over our lives and there seems to be an exaggerated number of violent acts however there has always been violence in the world. There have always been wars, racism and murders, I just think that people are trying to take a very tentative look at what the problem is and end up blaming socities shortcomings solely on specific media outlets.



  1. yabbadabbadoo said,

    Hello, I was actually reading someone elses blog and the Bobo experiment came to my mind as well. I am also a Psychology major however I wouldn’t totally deny the idea that violence may lead to aggression. For young children I think it is a definate possibility. With all the studies being done, including the Bobo experiement, many of the signs lean towards that conclusion. I also watch movies which there are violence, etc., and I like you have never engaged in violent behaviour.

    To look at the other side though I can remeber the cartoons I used to watch when I was little like Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, all those c artoons and they all seemed to be about violence and robbery, etc. I look at television shows now and wonder if maybe some companies are trying to compensate for the violence-aggression relationship. We now have shows like Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer, etc.

    I also agree with you that there have always been wars, etc. going on in this world. I also think that blaming the media is a way for society to not take responsibility. It is so much easier to point the blame somewhere else. However as the saying goes, if you point one finger you usually have two pointing back at you. I don’t think society can readily admit that they have let down certain groups of peope. Either that or power has become such an issue that people will do anything to get it or even maintain it. My question for you is whether or not you feel that as we progress as a society as a whole and technologically, do you think situations such as this will get worse or will we eventually come to our senses and pull the camer back so to speak to see the bigger picture?

  2. krystal21 said,

    I believe that the issue of violence in the media will always be apparant in some form or another. People can start cracking down on violent movies, music, and t.v. shows that appear in the media, however, we’ll always have the real life drama seen on the news and read in the papers. I am also a Psyc. Major and I’ve thought about this issue a great deal. No, i don’t belive that just because you see a violent movie you’re gonna be more apt to shoot someone. Just like I don’t belive if you listen to Queen’s, “Another One Bites the Dust,” backwards, you will feel the urge to smoke marijuana. Personally I believe violent tendancies are genetic factors. Something that people are born with. If you have never felt the urge to physically hurt someone than I don’t belive that you can play a video game and suddenly feel the urge to do so.
    In relation to the question asked above about the media and society as a whole progressing or getting worse, I’m not too sure. The cynical side of me says, “yes, it will definitely get worse.” However, I would like to be hopefull. We’re going to have to draw the line sometime or another.

  3. kellyelizabeth said,

    Being a social science major, I’ve also taken many classes that metion this experiment. To be honest, I also disagree that violence just breeds violence to some extent. I think some people are more likely to follow or act on things they see by nature, and violence in the media may give them ideas. At the same time, I agree this is not always the case (as I also have watched many violence things in movies, tv, etc. and I’ve yet to hurt anyone). Furthermore, I agree with your point that society blames the media for many problems we have (especially with youth), as it is an easy target (as opposed to poor parenting, and living in low income neighborhoods engulfed in violence and agressive acts).

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