Review of Jackass 2

January 24, 2007 at 12:14 pm (Movies)

Alright I know that I am a couple months behind some of you but I just saw the second Jackass movie this weekend. I personally think that these movies are really funny and I good way to kill a couple of hours, however I know that there would be many people that would disagree.

 My Mom for instance hates these movies and thinks that not only are they a waste of time but that they also promote imitation that could potentially cause minors or adults to get seriously injured. I think that my Mom and many other critics might actually be right in their evaluation of this programming.

I think that because the stunts performed in these movies seem easier to copy and have fewer drastic consequences kids think that they can achieve the same outcomes as the “professionals” taking part in the orginal segments. The thing is kids today know that taking a gun and copying the Die Hard movies is wrong, however jumping off a roof with a giant ball or physically harming their friends seems to be a fun idea that kids can actually do themselves.

I still love these movies and will continue to watch them if they keep getting made, but I do think that letting kids watch without explaining what could happen could potentially produce drastic and horrific results.



  1. Cindy said,

    I haven’t watched any of the ‘Jack Ass’ Movies, but I have seen some clips. I too enjoy watching these clips. These guys are crazy to do these studs, they truly deserve the name ‘Jack ASS’ . But why do we like the movie, what draws us to them? I think it’s because we find them humorous, and the fact that they are live events, it’s the “what if,,,” that I think I anticipating, and if the ‘what if..’ doesn’t happen, we continue to watch to see what’s going to happen next. From reading your blog, I think I will just have to go out and rent the movie, or go and see the new one.

    Happy Blogging!

  2. Jennifer said,

    Yes, like yourself I have only recently had the “privledge” of watching Jack Ass 2. I got through 5 minutes (well that may be a stretch) of the movie before I had to change the channel. I felt like I lost a few million brain cells in those few minutes (and this is coming from someone who watches America’s Next Top Model). I actually found Jack Ass 2 quite disgusting! However, I know of many people who just love it… I am not too sure that this is a show that young kids should be watching, and therefore the risk of kids replicating the stunts and getting hurt should be low (in theory). I am not so sure either that I’d want to sit down and watch this movie with a kid and describe the intricacies of what is going on as to prevent a mis-hap should this child choose to immitate one of the stunts. As a restult, I think kids should be left out of the whole Jack Ass movie watching event. but let’s not leave out the drunken university students, who on a certain Sunday at 230 am may feel so inclined to give themselves a beer enima, as the guy on Jack Ass did (just for example). … perhaps no one’s safe 😉

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