The Office

January 24, 2007 at 1:13 pm (Television)

This really has nothing to do with what we are learning but I love the show so I have to write about it in my brand new blog. First I can not say how happy I am that Pam and Jim seem to be flirting and affectionate once again. When those two team up you know that the pranks that they pull on Dwight or more recently Bernard are going to awesome.

I’m also really glad that Dwight has been brought back to Dunder Mifflin by Michael (how funny was the scene where they were “reunited”). Dwight is a staple of the show and it would not be nearly as funny if he left.

I am also quite partial to Ryan and Toby their facial expressions are more hilarious than a lot of what they say. Finally we have to truly appreciate the genious of Michael Scott although a lot of his rants are so embarassing I can hardly watch.

Finally I can’t wait until Thursday I promise you that I will have much more to say about The Office on Friday so stayed tuned. I’m really hoping that there are some other fans out there so if you love the show let me know.


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