The Rebel Sell

January 24, 2007 at 5:27 pm (Soc3390)

I loved this article and found that it provided a very different perspective of the anti-consumerist attitudes that many people may relate with. The mention of Fight Club (one of my favourite movies) also probably had a lot to do with my enthusiasm towards it. 

Using Fight Club to critique mass society was interesting but I think that the movie American Beauty made the issues in the article a little more clear for me. Like the article states this movie show that rebellion against mass society is far different then rebellion against consumerism.

This article brought me to recognize some people in my own life who have tried very hard to “rebel against the masses”. I like everybody else know people who won’t listen to that music, watch that show or wear those clothes because it is too “popluar”. They are trying to avoid certain brands however they become the ones that are most brand concious. 

I know that I was once extremely anti-consumerism (or so I thought) I didn’t want to buy anything with brand names because I thought that people who did so were just to interested in their projected image. I like many others however have succumbed to the more popular styles and I have to say aware of not only what I have but what others have as well.

I think that the article is right to talk about how anti-advertising does in fact create consumption of products. I know that when a commercial comes on showing some new gadget that is “cool” because it is different I want it. 

It is like when I first got my bellybutton pierced I thought that I was going to be different and stand out because I had this novel idea. Well it turns out that the majority of my friends now have that same piercing. I also think that the same thing is happening with tatoos where once they were in the minority now they are a huge commodity (Miami Ink).

Basically I think that we are fooling ourselves to think that choosing what we consume will deviate us from mass socitey in the end it does nothing but shift the norms of our peers.

Alright I know that I said that American Beauty was a better example of what the article was trying to get across but I love the movie and I think that it shows alot about our beliefs in conjunction with consumerism so I’m just going to throw in a scene about anti-consumerism from the Fight Club movie.


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