The Inside Scoop on Pan’s Labyrinth

January 30, 2007 at 10:41 pm (Movies)

So I decided to go to a movie this weekend with a friend and we agreed that Pan’s Labyrinth seemed like a sound choice (personally I wanted to see Smoking Aces but this movie seemed like a good compromise). Anyways for those of you who don’t know what this movie is, it is this really dark kind of fairy tale about a little girl.

The story is in spoken in Spanish and has English subtitles so if you are like me you might need to bring your glasses so you know what is going on. The story takes place in the postwar repression of Franco’s Spain (I totally had to look that up).

Basically this little girl’s mother has married this horrible man who is a prominent firgure in the war and is in essence, the evil bad guy of the story. While the war is raging on in the country side the little girl starts to have fantasies about these mystical creatures that lead her into a difficult and utterly horrifying journey of her own.

I am going to stop there because I don’t want to give any more away for those people who might want to watch the movie themselves. What I want to recommend is that if you are at all squeamish stay away from this movie.

I myself have been known to sit through some gruesome scenes but this movie was far more gory than I had anticipated. The explicit torture that was shown was enough to make me turn my head for a good portion of this picture. I could not believe how much detail was depicted and how graphic the movie ended up being

I really do not want to discourage anyone from seeing this film it was really fantastic when you reflected on it as a whole. The story was creative, the shots were amazing and the acting was really perfect (the little girl was so talented). Overall this movie was one of the most original that I have seen in quite some time.

I just want to give people a better description of the types of violence to expect because I was completely shocked by it. Here is a little clip to hopefully entice you to go out to the movie theatre and watch it while at the same time maybe giving you a better understanding of what this movie is all about.


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