Grey’s Controversy

January 30, 2007 at 3:12 pm (Television)


I know that a lot of people in our class love Grey’s and I am no exception. I love the characters in it and the plot line is also pretty interesting. However the brilliance of the show has been overshadowed as of late by the ugliness of prejudice. By now I am sure that everyone has heard the details behind Isaiah Washington’s two outbursts.

I can honestly say that I have no sympathy for the man and think that he should be fired. I know that I am not alone in this regard, they did a vote on Extra or something and the outcome was pretty overwhelming in its verdict. I don’t remember the exact numbers but it was something like over 80% of the viewers thought that he should be fired.

So why hasn’t it been done? At this point the only thing Washington has to do is go to counselling which is barely a slap on the wrist. This is a big show that is bringing in a lot of money, I don’t understand why they would risk viewer’s for a man that has spoken such hateful words on at least two occassions.

If you watch interviews with a lot of the cast members it seems like they are equally opposed to his behaviour and ultimately this situation must have led to some tension on the set. How awful would it be for T.R. Knight to have to go to work knowing that Washington has been pretty obvious in his beliefs surrounding gay people.

Some people might argue that his character is essential for the show but I would disagree. All they have to do is make his hand injury one that can’t be fixed and have Christina say no to his proposal and bye, bye Dr. Burke, people would get over it.

I know that this is a long rant but I just want Grey’s Anatomy to go back to being that fun show that I wanted to watch every Thursday, that show where ultimately the entire cast of characters came together to help people and gave me that one hour of blissful entertainment. My sister argued that it is still a good show but for me it is just not the same.

I really think that this clip really sums up everything and gives a better idea of what is happening behind the scenes at Grey’s Anatomy. I think that it is really sad that people are still so hateful and I really hope that Washington pays for what has been said. Finally I just want to throw out my support to T.R. Knight (George O’Malley) he is awesome and has always been my favourite cast member!



  1. Rachyj said,

    I am a huge Greys Anatomy fan! There is no other show that I love more. As to Wahington’s outburst I was completly shocked at how he handled the situation especailly the second time when he used those awful slurs against Knight. I was watching a show like Extra or something like that (good quality television!) that this was causing alot of commotion and rift between the castmates.
    It seems that Washington is having some problems with the castmates because not too long ago it was publicized everywhere that he and “Mcdreamy” (Patrick Dempsy) were engaged in an argument on the set. I think it is amazing how people know everything that is going on in these peoples life through the media. For instance, if greys was not as big of a deal as it is I bet not nearly as many people would know about Washington’s actions. I think the only reason this is so publicized is because the show is such a hit. I feel that Washington should be doing more then just getting counsiling. It will be interesting to see what happens with the show!

  2. lilroxy said,

    Great post! I think that Washington’s actions have put the cast and crew of Grey’s Anatomy in a very akward and terrible position. Despite the fact that most of the cast has expressed their disapproval of his actions, I think that if the show keeps him on it could inadvertently send the message to viewers that the producers tolerate his unacceptable behavior. I think it is a difficult situation for everyone involved. If the show keeps him on perhaps their ratings will be jeopordized, but at the same time, if they fire him that may also jeopordize their ratings.

  3. soccer10 said,

    I really feel that the cast and crew of Grey’s need to take a huge step and fire Isaiah from the show. By allowing him to stay they are merely ignoring what was said and what occured on set and at the Golden Globes.
    Keeping quiet on such a sensitive subject is very cowardly. Instead of ratings the show should be more concerned with image and what they are condoning as okay. I just feel that in today’s day and age we should not encourage and accept the use of such degrading words and labels and if taking the first step is firing people for their actions then so be it. I can do without Burke anyway!! I’m a-okay with McDreamy and McSteamy!!

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