The World of Wrestling

February 7, 2007 at 5:19 pm (Soc3390)

I was so excited when I looked at the syllabus this week and discovered that  we were going to be talking about television. I spend way too many hours a week wasting my time absorbed in the many plots available for my viewing pleasure. I mean I sit there and wonder will Pam and Jim get together this week? or, Who is going to get kicked off of Big Brother?

This is pretty embarrassing but I have to admit that I was happy to see that there was an article about wrestling for us to analyze this week. I am probably one of the only people in this class and the only girl I know of who still watches wrestling. I know this is hard to believe but it is true, I love John Cena and HBK so laugh if you want!

Ok so wrestling might not be the coolest thing to watch now but when we were all younger it was extremely popular. I agree with the article when it alludes to the fact that wrestling like anything else is a show, it has the good guys the bad guys, the love triangles, it is alot more like Grey’s Anatomy then alot of you  would like to admit.

Ultimately wrestling comes down to the same universal theme; good versus evil. There is always that one star (or as they like to be called entertainer) who everybody cheers for, all the fans want to see this guy win. Often the good guy is the underdog in the fight because the popular consensus is that we like to see this character overcome all odds.

Next there is usually the stereotypical “bad guy” who cheats in matches and makes fun of the fans, everybody wants to see these guys lose. Basically every week the battle of good vs. evil commences and the fans bear witness to two incredible athletes fighting for the coveted win in what the article calls a “great spectacle of Suffering, Defeat and Justice…”.

You might all think that I am crazy I am sure that many of you regard wrestling as no more then two huge guys play fighting for a trophy. But I think that there is some credibility that needs to be given, I mean it is a franchise that has transcended the ages and has changed our culture significantly. I would like to meet one guy who doesn’t know what the Stone Cold Stunner is.



  1. iliketogroceryshop said,

    I really did not agree with Barthes about how wrestling is ‘so much more’ but then i looked some wrestling up on the internet and watched some, for the first time ever, and realized that maybe wrestling IS kind of like a show, like you said. It has a lot of the components, I just never have watched it before so I really did think it was just two big guys fighting in a really pussy way. (Which it essentially is). But I see now that the meaning of wrestling is much deeper than its pretenses. Nice post. Have a good reading week!

  2. roch22 said,

    I loved your blog and I am here to tell you that I am a huge WWE fan as well. My son and I never miss a payperview at the theatre and we get in heated discussions over the matches. I absolutely love EDGE…my son is a Jonh Cena fan so you can see the controversy there. I have been a fan of wrestling since I was a little girl, that’s when it was really good though…The Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, Jake the Snake Roberts…I could go on. I agree that the pull here is the whole draw into the nature of good vs. evil which is fundamental in human nature itself. I love the ‘pop’ of the audience when the “illegal” moves take place, this stems from that element of humanity in all of us when we see an act of injustice take place against someone we see as a positive in an otherwise negative world. I have to say though that no wrestler ever has or ever will compare to the Rock,,,the people’s elbow?..yeah, best finishing move ever!!!! Plus he is the hottest man on the planet, I keep hoping he’ll show up on Raw one night…”Just Bring it!!!” Thanks for the great blog.

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