Super Stressed

February 10, 2007 at 6:33 pm (Uncategorized)

So here I am after spending an entire day studying and I just really needed a break so I decided I might as well blog out my frustrations! Like many of you I am experiencing the anxiety of a normal University student who has just entered into that week where every single one of my projects falls.

Looking back I should have started working on these things months ago but who are we kidding it just does not happen. I mean you look at your calendar and you are like “I have lots of time to finish that essay” and instead of working on it you go out to The Duke. I am in my third year I should know better and every time a new semester emerges I promise myself that I will start early but I don’t.

So now because of my procrastinating I will either be stuck studying in my room or I will be going to classes for the next week. And although I look forward to Reading Break I know that when I get back there is going to be even more essays and blogging assignments due. Frankly at this point I am just waiting for summer!



  1. qmass said,

    I’ve been in university now for 8 years… you think I would learn this lesson as well. Ha.

  2. kpritch said,

    Well I feel for ya. I am so “over” school, I’m in my third year and it feels like school is never going to end. I have approximately a year to go in order to complete my BA and then I’m hoping to get into an Ed. program, somewhere other than at the U of L. I must admit that ever since my first semester here at the U of L, I’ve hated nearly every minute of every class I’ve taken. Wow! What a positive attitude, hey. I’m not to sure what exactly it is that makes me Ms. Negativity towards the U of L, but it may be due to the fact that I’m constantly being treated like I’m just another number. I don’t think the Uof L cares for its students like it should, and that makes me not care to be here among all the other numbers.
    Well good luck with your classes and don’t worry procrastination happens to the best of us.

  3. kellyelizabeth said,

    I can sympathize…..but at the same time I am usually the one dragging you to the Duke, haha. Anyways, I too am in my third year and NOBODY leaves things until the last minute like me (and you know it!). My problem is that my procrastination and last-minute-ness is not only how I approach school, but life in general. Like hard decisions, for example, I decided to come to UofL my first year two weeks before class started (I was long overdue on that acceptance letter!), which to this day I still don’t think I ever sent! So don’t worry at least it’s only your school life that’s chaotic!!!!!

  4. Rachyj said,

    Touchee…. I am actually soooo sick of school. I have midterms, papers, and debates happening all this week. And I don’t really consider reading break a break anymore because when you go home you have to study for the test that is on the first monday back. Who does that? It just boils my blood it makes me so angry when profs do that. Everyone needs a break, I feel that reading break should actually be a break. Not me going home so do a paper, study, and do another paper.
    I am wating for summer too, but summer sucks because then you have to work… I hate working, The only good break during the school months is Christmas; you have no classes to worry about and no work! It is awesome!
    Good blog!

  5. Cindy said,

    I can completely relate to your blog! I’d like to call myself the queen of procrastination, but i’m sure out there somewhere there is hopefully someone who is a worse procrastinator than me!
    School is like a never ending string of procrastinations and late nights. I as well am looking forward to summer because finally i can come home from my day and leave all the work at my job. I Won’t have a zillion assignments, essays, and exams to weigh over my head every day of every semester. But none the less I know a ton of people who would just come back at me with “well work is worse than school because you have 9 hour days every day and with school (depending on your schedule) some days can be as short as 2 hours long!
    I can see where these ppl come from, however, i’m with you, bring on summer.

  6. butterflyxo said,

    In response to Kpritch, honestly, U of L treats students as students, not numbers (in most classes). Obviously, if all your classes were in PE250 then you’d definetly be a number. However, there are tons of Profs out there willing to talk and take time for you. There are many Profs that are dear, caring, and talented at what they do. They come with loads of experience and knowledge and we can learn a lot from them.

    I’d hope you could try and have a more positive attitude, especially wanting to be a teacher. I too am going into Education, but let me tell you one thing: “Students don’t want someone that’s negative and hates life.” If you are not enjoying yourself in your third year of University then something needs to change!

    And also…to Sabrina05..

    Are you Brittany’s sister?? I think I went to school with your sister. Anyways, that was a little side note, but I can understand how you are feeling. Because I am only in a few classes this semester I am not feeling it as bad. I do have a lot of projects and papers coming up in March though. Saying that I haven’t started any, come March I know it will be a stressful time. We just have to try and do our best to get through times like this. Plus, READING WEEK is coming sooner than you think!!

  7. trwag said,

    Sadly, everyone reigns in their own kingdom if procrastination, and I am Queen of my merry little duchy.

    I don’t think you ever learn to stop, and I don’t think this is a neccessarliy bad thing. I think that the only time that you might actually learn is when you actually miss a due date and take a hit for the late…

    I know that I’ve never had any consequences, failed a test, or screwed myself over on an assignment, but maybe when that day comes, I will retire my crown and get my life together. Until then, I will continue hooping myself.

  8. soccer10 said,

    I can completely relate to how you feel right now. I’m in my last semester of University and it’s probably my worst semester yet!! I’m stressed over what needs to be completed yet I can’t pull myself to read or study, and that stresses me out even more. Its a vicious cycle!
    You still have one more year, and if you think this year is bad….wait for your LAST year, when you’re so close to be done that you can’t focus and you really don’t care!! haha I can’t focus…Instead of studying right now, I’m watching Regis and Kelly…ahhh!

  9. naturenerd said,

    Reading week is in 2 days! don’t worry you will get through it! In the long run, this stress is not a massive part of your entire life.

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