The Truth in News

February 14, 2007 at 12:55 pm (Soc3390)

Personally I try to stay away from the news as much as possible, not because the messages have been manipulated by the media but because I hate seeing the apalling state of the world. I had a Political Science class that recommended that we read the paper to stay informed on issues of the world but I found it really difficult to do so.

The war in Iraq alone is enough to turn my stomach, I mean how many more Americans are going to have to be killed before someone takes some strong action to rectify the situation. Sorry I know it is a little off topic I just really hate everything about the war!

The article on Chavez really just emphasized what I had already gathered myself after watching and reading contradictory testomonies about what is “really” happening in the world. I think that all of us can agree that everything which is provided by the media has a biased premise. I mean they are going to report the version of the “truth” that gets them the biggest audience.I think that is what people forget sometimes the news is similar to every other form of media it is a business and people are using this form of entertainment to make money.

I think that the majority of Amreicans and Canadians  are starting to realize that they cannot trust everything that is presented to them but it remains difficult to decipher where the truth lies. I mean the media has tried really hard (and succeeded in many cases) to present the news as a credible source. The news should be that one media outlet where facts are presented and references are verified but as explained in the Chavez article sometimes this is not the case.

I don’t know about anybody else but what I am starting to learn from this class is that alot of the media sources (TV, newspapers etc..) which I have been consuming for years are presenting little more than a manipulation of the truth. I have to say that this thought just really disturbs me.

Ok I had to put a picture of George Bush up because personally I believe that  a lot of the lies that have been spread through the news recently can in some way be linked to him.


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  1. Derick said,

    You are not alone. I do not avoid main-stream broadcasts because of the sad state of the world however. I think the world is doing a lot better than what is shown. If all we continually see are mostly negative, extreme events it becomes very difficult to believe that one could personally effect any change. The news mainly shows what is happening to us, and all one can do is passively watch. Good news, which grows harder to find from traditional sorces, should in my opinion direct me in areas where I as an individual can effect change.

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