TV Recap

February 16, 2007 at 11:56 pm (Television)

So every Thursday I sit down and watch all of my favourite shows, this would include ER, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy and The Duel. This week I was totally impressed by how good each episode was.

First I will start with Grey’s Anatomy,  personally I think that Meredith is a little too dramatic about things and the whole her almost dying was kind of stupid but the rest of the episode was fantastic! Izzy finally started saving lives again, George found that little boy and Alex helped people and professed some feelings for Addison. I can’t wait until Addison and Alex officially get together!

The Office was awesome (although it always is)  it was however missing that Pam and Jim connection which I love so much. When Michael came and complimented Pam on her paintings I was totally relieved, she just seemed so sad before he came. Finally how funny was it when Jim was trying to convince Dwight that he was turning into a vampire! I love when Jim plays pranks on Dwight just because they are so clever and the reactions that Dwight has are hilarious.

Sadly Thursday was also the season finale of The Duel a Survivor like show on MTV. I am so happy that Wes won he totally deserved it!

I love Thursdays!

I also included this little Office clip because I really like it and Dwight, Jim and Pam are my favourite characters in the show.



  1. soccer10 said,

    I’m going to agree with you on your love for thursday night TV. Nothing can ever come in the way of Grey’s and the office. I’ve come to terms with my obsession! I loved Grey’s last thursday and all though it was unrealistic that Meredith survived…I shed a tear! Great video clip, the office is by far the funniest show on tv!! I wouldn’t trade my thursdays for anything!!!

  2. kellyelizabeth said,

    AHAHAHA that clip was halarious! You would be so proud of me I watched a couple episodes of the office, but of the second season. It’s hard watching from there because you don’t really get who the characters are, or the inside jokes, or relations between people which makes it hard to follow along. I will get season one and start from the beginning though. I didn’t start watching Gey’s til this year because everyoen said it was SO good but I never caught on, then I watched it from the beginning and now I’m hooked! I see the same thing happening with The Office.

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