Britney Out of Control

February 21, 2007 at 8:39 pm (Television)

So like most of you this week I have been bombarded with pictures of Britney Spears with her newly shaved head. Yeah it was kind of funny to see for the first time but now it just seems like her life is out of control.We all knew that something was amiss when she married K-Fed (I mean what girl in her right mind would ever be with him) and then she had those two babies.

Even when everybody thought that her life couldn’t get any crazier she became best friends with Paris Hilton and started flashing people. 

Her crazy lifestyle is not what has been bothering me, what scares me is that she has two young children. It seems like at this point she is barely able to take care of herself let alone her kids. At this point most people would suggest giving her sons to their father until she figures things out but their father is K-Fed enough said.

I do kind of sympathize with Spears but I think that it was extremely irresponsible for her to have those kids at such a young age and with such an unstable lifestyle. Hopefully she will take rehab a little more seriously then some other young stars (Lindsey Lohan) and get her life in order if not for her then for the kids.

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