Sociology at the Movies

February 22, 2007 at 3:44 pm (Soc3390)

So I read through the articles this week to see which one I would like to blog about and after the long depressing rant of Smith I stumbled onto this reading. Scrolling down the list of movies I realized that I had not only seen the majority of them but they were also some of my favourite movies.

Some of the movies had an obvious association with sociological themes, good examples would be Monster and Bowling for Columbine. I think that anyone who has seen these movies would agree that their plots were not only entertaining but provided a look into the sociological subculture of both socialization and deviance.

Continuing down the list I was surprised to see (as I’m sure many of you were) Austin Powers and Miss Congeniality. Knowing both of these movies rather well I could not understand how they could possibly provide a glimpse into the study of sociology. Appartently Miss Congeniality gives us a glimpse of social interaction and Austin Powers contributes to our understanding of culture.

These examples might be condidered a bit of a stretch but I can see where they are going with this analysis. Like it stated in the article Austin Powers gives us an understanding of how relative culture can be. Austin Powers had only been frozen for what 30 years and everything including his clothes, hair and the language were drastically different then what is the “norm” in our generation .

I think that this article was not only interesting but it provided a detailed list of what underlies socialogical studies while using examples that were relatable to its audiance. I think that this list will cause me to look  deeper into the socialogical significance of movies from now on and I will guarantee that I will never look at Austin Powers in the same way.



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