Musically Ignorant

March 7, 2007 at 5:11 pm (Soc3390)

I have to admit, I am really not a music person. I don’t really have any CD’s in fact almost all of the music in my iPod has been taken from my sister’s collection.

My younger sister is really the only thing keeping me up to date in the music world. In fact the only reason I had recognized the band Broken Social Scene in the Pitchfork article was because she made me listen to it in her car last weekend.

As I peruse through the article it becomes very obvious my sister is my “filter”. Like so many people who depend on the critiques provided by Pitchfork my musical choices are chosen for me by my musically inclined sibling.

My sister like this site, thrives on discovering new bands that few people have heard about. I mean she goes to any concert she hears about regardless of the genre and decides when she gets there if they are good or not. She is not a music snob and remains open to all  new and old bands and their music styles.

I think that what makes Pitchfork a good website to consult is that it is a place where you can learn about music that you never would have encountered, I mean how many of us would have ever heard about the Toronto band Broken Social Scene.

So a couple of months ago my sister directed me to the band Ok Go (which I love) and I just wanted to show their videos because they are so different and so funny. Seriously you will get what I mean after you watch them, trust me!



  1. cleffler said,

    Hi I’m not that into music either but I do listen to it sometimes! That video was really cool and funny. It’s nice to see something different for a change!

  2. bananatree said,

    Cool post.

    I don’t really remember how I learned about BSS, but I saw them live last October and it was one of the better live shows I have seen. You can usually find my in the school because I am wearing a BSS messenger bag with a scary mouth on it.

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