One Big Happy Family

March 11, 2007 at 7:02 pm (Uncategorized)

So I am sitting here watching TV and there is a show on about a family who has 15 kids. Now normally people would be astonished by this number but one of my closest friends is actually one of eleven. I am not kidding!

 Now I have met all of the kids the majority of which have moved out of the house and started families of their own (the oldest is 35 and the youngest is 19) and they are all really great people who remain close with all of their siblings.

Coming from a house of three kids I cannot really imagine how different it would be to have that many people around all the time. I mean you wouldn’t have any space or privacy and having your own bedroom or bathroom would be out of the question.

I know my friend is super content with the amount of kids in her family and wouldn’t want it any other way, and for me having three girls in the house was more than enough. So I guess every family has their own opinion of how many kids are right for their lifestyle.



  1. kellyelizabeth said,

    OH MY GOD I couldn’t have one more sibling in terms of bathroom time!!! Seriously my brother spends FOREVER in there!!! Between hs super-long showers (singing Meredith Brooks….uh yea), deep conditioning his hair, bowdrying it and another half hour waxing it into place/checking himself out in the mirror….I’m lucky if i get to brush me teeth!!! Growing up I always wanted a sister, but now that I think about it…I’m so Type A we would have fought all the time anyway! I think most ppl are content with their family b/c it’s the only thing they’ve ever had and can’t imagine anything else!

  2. lilroxy said,

    I have also seen that show on TLC. I cannot imagine having that many brothers and sisters… I would actually go crazy. I don’t know how the parents deal with it either. Even though I love spending time with my family, I definitely need my space. I think if you had 15 brothers and sisters you would never really have your own personal space and privacy (not to mention you would probably never get new clothes… only hand-me-downs). Ahh… I am glad to only have one brother and one sister!

  3. firefly18 said,

    I have to ask… was this by any chance “Super Nanny” or “Nanny 911”. I think that those shows are absolutley halarious.
    A. The Parents are so retarded, for trying to parent the way that they do.
    B. The want the entire nation to watch them makes a$$e$ of themselves.
    C. The want the entire nation to see thier children spit, hit and disrepect thier family.
    D.They actually return to work after the fact, and have the face the fact that their co-workers saw the whole thing. Most likely on a Sunday night, while they enjoy some nice quiet family time.

  4. barbedwards said,

    Hey! Cool Post! I saw that episode on T.V too. We just got a puppy and I’m amazed at how much work he takes I can’t even imagine the responsibility of 15 kids running around the house. But for some reason they made it seem easy . The dad had the construction company and all the boys worked for him and the mom had the girls making dinner. The older girls were even teaching the younger ones. They appeared to have a family routine, right down to how they got up in the morning. They were so orginized; very impressive. I just wonder though if being a part of a family that size how much attention do you get from your parents, I’m there would be fights for “Air Time”. But you can’t deny all that love. Kindest Thoughts Be

  5. dsll said,

    I have seen that show too, where the family all works together to build a big new house for them. I personally don’t think that I would have been able to handle that many sibilings. I was from a family of three kids as well, so I had a brother and a sister and let me tell you that was enough for me. I still have problems sharing because I had to share with these two who were both younger than me. I find myself getting anoyed when people want me to share things still. So to have 14 other brothers and sisters I think i would have gone crazy. So I say good to those who can handle it!!!

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