Another Adoption

March 21, 2007 at 10:31 am (Uncategorized)

 Unless you haven’t seen a magazine in a while you are probably aware that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have once again added to their family. This time the couple travelled to Vietnam to adopt a three year old boy who they have renamed Pax.

Now I know there has been much controversy around the entire Brangelina relationship but personally I think that they are doing alot of good. They are bringing awareness to issues that need to be addressed and they are adopting children who need a home.

Some people say that their family is growing too big too quickly, I however disagree with this entirely I think that there are many children in the world who need shelter and love two things which Brad and Angelina seem to be providing.

Regardless of what you have previously thought about these two they seem to be raising a healthy and happy family and I think that is a true testement of a person. I think that overall they have really attempted to use their fame and fortune for good and hope they continue in their crusade to make the world a better place.



  1. kel said,

    While of course they are providing (most likely) a better life then these orphanes would othewise have, can we really be sure??? Many people assume they will because they are financially so well off, but it’s recently been released that Jolie will immediatly begin filming a new movie and Brad is curently busy with one. In the near future they will BOTH be working and busy with their careers, leaving their kids in the hands of nannies. Is that really great parenting?? But, as mentioned before I still commend them on all their good-will endeavors.

  2. bunny08 said,

    I think they are trying to do something good for these children, but when do they draw the line? There are so many children in the world that need care and a new home, but they can’t save everyone. I think that Angelina and Brad should maybe start to focus on the children they have now and make sure they get all the care and attention they need. As the person pointed out in the previous responce, they are both in the movie business and do have really busy lives. So really, how many more kids can they handle??

  3. dream8 said,

    I think they are doing some good as well, however my worry is that they are taking these children away from their native home lands. This alarms me because although they are now part of a new family. I still feel like their customes are incredibly important, and that the children should remember them. While they will definatly have a better life with those two stars it is also fairly important to remember that they are movie stars. THerefore, they are always in the lime light. For children being exposed to this all the time, it could lead to problems down the road. I agree with you I think they are doing lots of good, but at the same time, having to many kids also creates problems, as well as always being gone doing movies. I think people like Brad and Angelina should stick to other forms of aiding the world to make it a better place.

  4. roch22 said,

    It is unfortunate that because they are famous, Brad and Angelina have everything they do publically displayed. If “regular” people were going about adopting and expanding their family in the way that Brad and Angelina are, they would be seen as ‘saints’, people full of love and compassion and patience. I think that’s what Brad and Angelina are all about, they do not strike me as the type to flaunt what they are doing in a negative way, the media puts those ideas in our heads. I think we can all agree that any child who is loved and cared for and given a real chance in life is a lucky child, and wouldn’t it be nice if all the neglected children could be cared for this way? Brad and Angelina have started somewhat of a ‘trend’, (although I hate to refer to children in that way ) as other celebrities have been adopting from other countries as well. I do think that it would be nice if some of them would adopt children from their own country as there are plenty of children in need right out their back door.

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