Dancing with the Stars an Abomination

March 21, 2007 at 10:02 am (Television)

I was flipping through the channels the other day and paused just long enough on I think Extra to see Joey Fatone dancing. I was kind of taken aback but then I realized that the next season of Dancing with the Stars had just begun.

I really don’t get it when I saw the ads for the first season of this show I started to laugh thinking how quickly it would be taken off the air. To my surprise and horror this piece of garbage is still on and still getting incredible ratings from what I hear.

I really just don’t get it I am a big fan of reality I love Big Brother and Do you Think you Can Dance? but Dancing with the Stars is just terrible. It’s hard to believe that people actually enjoy watching “celebrities” awkwardly trying to make it through a dance routine.



  1. malicious845 said,

    Haha yeah exactly! I too thought the reality series would falter off the airwaves, but people just love to love everything right now. Who will be the next Doll?! What about that series?! I came home from school to my two guy roomates sitting there watching this drivle. Come on people, is this what you want to infiltrate your minds with? It just makes me laugh, are we that lousy at finding ways to entertain ourselves that like you said, we need to watch some famous person hop around? I guess we find some sick sense of personal gratification by watching them act like a bunch of clowns… I’d just as rather go outside and shoot some hoops. In my perspective, that is far more worthy of my time.

  2. dsll said,

    I have never watched an episode of that show either. I feel like it is just stars that may be going through a “rough patch” and can’t seem to get much other work so they want to try and regain status by being on this show. Because look at how much these stars are focused on, brought onto talk shows and put in the tabloids after they start this show! By the way I agree with your comment on liking Big Brother and So you think you can dance?.

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