Sexuality in the Media

March 21, 2007 at 4:06 pm (Soc3390)

After reading A Study of Joey and Chandler I was a little baffled as to what Paul wanted us to get out of this reading. Honestly I think that the entire article was ridiculous and I found that the author was looking for meaning in all the wrong places. So then I moved on to the next article which was the one about Smallville and once again I was disappointed.

Finally I came upon the Ross Horsley article and was once again inspired. I wasn’t at all surprised to read the comment that gay people are not being represented appropriately by media because most people controlling media output are not gay themselves or do not feel the need to accurately depict this culture.

 I would agree with arguement to an extent however I think that things are begininning to change. I think that although there are still grossly exaggerated portrayals of the gay culture the media is now starting to correct these mistakes.

In the past couple of years TV shows such as Queer as Folk and Will and Grace have started showing gay people as being quite similar to their straight counterparts. They are relatable, funny, smart and in the end pretty much exactly like everybody else.

I think that through movies like Brokeback Mountain people are starting to realize that there is no single category to lump gay people into and now we are getting a much more multi-dimensional look into the world of gay people. I mean this was a pretty influential movie based on gay cowboys and niether man was portrayed as flamboyant or had any overly exaggerated gay characteristics.

I think that although there may still be much bias and prejudice in the media towards gay people great strides are being made to correct this wrong. And I really think that in the future the media might actually help reduce prejudice and hate and create a positive representation of gay culture. At least that is my hope.

Here is a little look at Brokeback Mountain the movie that caused a lot of controversy but in my opinion was a step in the right direction.



  1. dustinthewind84 said,

    I liked your post. I too think that the media is making attempts to better represent the gay community.

    I still haven’t read the article so I don’t know what Horsley would say about this but… it seems to me that even if the media is providing only stereotypical portrayals of gay people they are at least including gay characters now. It wasn’t so long ago that two men kissing would have been impossible to find on t.v. but now it is becoming more common place to see such things. At least the media is helping to break down the idea that gay people should be kept in the closet and ignored. Similar to the pornification of culture theory, having gay characters in t.v. and movies (even if they are flaming) increases peoples awareness of the gay community and will likely reduce homophobia because as seeing gay people in the media becomes more and more normalized so too will be being gay.

  2. goingsomewear said,

    Great post! I love Brokeback Mountain. I am even one of the few (maybe…) people that actually own it and I try and show it to as many people as I can. I think it’s important for people to watch films like taht in order to better understand that there’s nothing different about gay relationships compared to straight ones beside the counterparts gender. We all love, hurt, cry, and laugh. That was really lame, but you know what I mean! I just think it’s so ridiculous that people can be so close-minded. Especially when such a beautifully made film comes along and people brush it off because the characters are gay. Plus, as a bonus, it reminds me of home since i’m from Calgary and it allows me to see the beautiful mountains again. hahaha!

  3. salena said,

    Awesome post! I liked brokeback as well and I agree that it is going in the right direction and not just pigeon-holing people into one single category. Whenever I think of will and grace, I think of that episode where jack is like will two gay men ever be seen kissing on television and then will kisses him at the protest – I remember watching and thinking omg! thats so crazy, but really its not crazy, I think its as normal as a straight couple kissing.

  4. biohelixx said,

    I would submit that either of the male characters in Brokeback Mountain could have been a minority woman and there would have been the same uproar over the movie if it had been released two or three decades ago. Obviously the whole sheep-herding thing wouldn’t have worked, but you know what I mean. Or for that matter, it could have been a woman who was sheep-herding and it would have been a big deal. Funny how our perceptions and taboos and frontiers of accepted behaviour change. They seem to expand with time, but not always evenly. Now it seems to be the turn of the non-hetero community. But did we move on because the other borders are now fixed where they should be, or did the media move on because they gave up, or have we all just fooled ourselves into believing that everyone will soon have truly equal rights…

    It was a beautiful movie, and I loved it, because I thought it was honest within its own microcosm. But my best friend, who is a lesbian, and my cousin, who is gay (but also European, so he’s different to begin with), both disliked it. My friend hated it because she said it and every other “gay” mainstream movie portrays homosexual relationships as impossible and inevitably ending in an unhappy way. My cousin was simply unmoved by it.

    I still love it, because it was beautiful and human and to me, honest. But their reactions sure gave me plenty of food for thought. Was it really so honest/realistic? Or was it just some more Hollywood quasi-truth?

    Awesome post.

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