No More Hiatus!

March 28, 2007 at 12:18 pm (Television)

 Ok this is going to be a rant but bear with me. I am just upset right now because both of my favourite shows The Office and ER have decided to take a bit of a hiatus. I am sure that all the Lost fans out there can sympathize with me because that show also took a very long break.

 The thing is that ER took a break after two of my favourite characters got together and now I have to wait over a month to find out what happened. Now The Office on the other hand is that one show that I look forward to every Thursday but for the last couple of weeks I have been disappointed to realize that the show either wasn’t on or they were showing reruns.

Now I know that they can only shoot so many episodes per season but instead of having that giant break in between shows just end the season sooner. I just think that people would appreciate it if their shows were shown consistently , it makes things easier to follow and remember and it keeps the audiance interested.

Anyways I guess that I will just have to depend on Grey’s Anatomy to get me through this dry spell.



  1. dustinthewind84 said,

    I hear ya. It can be rough I tells ya, real rough. Seriously though, it would be nice if they could run more consistently wouldn’t it? I have missed out on important episodes of lost because of a lack of knowing when it would be on next. Oh well… I don’t think there is anything I can do about it. TTFN

  2. turtle23 said,

    i can also sympathize, i loved watching ER, but most importantly Veronica Mars. and now i hear that this show might be taking a break or a cancellation, just when logan and macs roomate hook up. its just not fair. It’s not just because i feel that the broadcasting companies don’t recognize that as a student i need tv to relax but that as a broadcasting company they don’t recognize my feelings.

  3. dsll said,

    It is soo frustrating! I hate when there is no pre warning that there will be no new episodes for a while and just take a break. I don’t understand the point behind these breaks, it just sems to make people upset and lose interest in that show. Also desperate housewives does that alot. Another thing that is frustrating is shows that will be so pack with intense developments that when not a lot happens you feel disappointed.

  4. kel said,

    Okay, first of all Grey’s Anatomy can get you through anything!!!! Don’t downplay the power of Grey’s! Secondly, (and now I’m going to rant too) why does EVERY damn show go on hiatus!!!! Seriously, it seems like ‘its the thing to do’ this year and last year!!! Since when is it okay for a tv show to just stop making episodes whenever it feels like it?!?!?!

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