Video Games

March 28, 2007 at 3:45 pm (Soc3390)


I knew from the beginning that I would have a problem writing about video games and the gaming community. Honestly the only games I have played in the last couple of years would be Mario Party and Dance Dance Revolution (I know they’re kind of lame but I love them).

I just don’t get the obsession with video games, I have a lot of guy friends who spend hours playing games but it is just not for me. I really shouldn’t bash playing games because it is as important to some people as TV is to me, so I guess I should be more understanding.

The article that really kind of interested me this week was about online game playing. At first I thought that the entire mafia concept inside the world of game playing was just ridiculous but then I started to realize that they had kind of formed their own community full of power struggles, devaince and loyalty.

People form bonds both social and business and use these relationships to help benefit them in their game world, it is really a neat concept when you think about it. And I can actually see these kind of group roles and relationships being established by some of my friends.

You see a large number of them play Halo and they would all get online and have their ear pieces and could talk to each other while playing the game in their own home. They spent hours communicating with each other forming bonds and alliances that helped propel them through the game.

Although the novelty of this game wore off most of them still play online games (many times together) and use their newly formed relationships to their advantage. I guess when you think about it they have joined their own mini society they have created their own networks and they are interacting and socializing to some extent.

Here is a clip depicting the experiences and thoughts some gamers provided concerning the online gaming phenomenon.


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